Everything is a war between Pakistan and India

Everything in the subcontinent is at war between Hindus and Muslims, especially India and Pakistan. Political differences, temples, mosques, curricula, hockey, cricket, even movies. This is not our “decision.” This is the testimony of history. Like a blind man and a liar.
Had it not been for the war between Pakistan and India, India’s defeat at the hands of Pakistan in the T20 match in Abu Dhabi would not have created what it did. Have you not seen what happened after the defeat of India at the hands of Pakistan?
Hindu extremists have branded Muhammad Shami, the only Muslim member of the Indian team, a “traitor” for scoring more runs in his one over. In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, police and Hindu extremists attacked Kashmiri students at an educational institution. Because these students were found expressing happiness over the victory of Pakistan. Indian journalist Yadav Chandra has revealed that India’s defeat at the hands of Pakistan became a nightmare for the Indian team and the Indian team could not sleep all night. (Daily 92 News Karachi) According to a report of a Pakistani television channel, a Muslim female teacher was fired in India because she was found putting the status of victory of the Pakistan team.

The dream of political dissent and freedom is the legacy of all humanity and there is no justification for turning political dissent into war. When the Soviet Union collapsed, many Muslim territories, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, became independent from Russia.
Russia respected the political differences of these nations and did not try to create a history of anti-Muslim riots. Just a few years ago, the Christians of South Sudan separated from Sudan and formed a separate state, and the Muslims of Sudan tolerated the differences of the Christians and did not conspire to cause anti-Christian riots.

The Christians of East Timor in Indonesia also separated themselves from Indonesia and formed a separate state. The Muslims of Indonesia also accepted the secession of East Timor and made no attempt to genocide the Christians. Pakistan also emerged as a “political ideology” in the 1940s.

The Muslims of the subcontinent said that they are a separate nation from the Hindus on the basis of religion, civilization and history and they need a separate homeland Pakistan to live a collective life according to the requirements of their religion. But India’s narrow-minded Hindu leadership refused to recognize the concept of Pakistan. When the concept of Pakistan became a reality, the Hindu leadership refused to recognize the existence of Pakistan. He withheld Pakistan’s share of the money and tried to hang Pakistan on the cross of finance. When the Hindu leadership finally had to pay the share of Pakistan, the Hindu leadership ignited anti-Muslim riots all over the subcontinent. This fire consumed one million Muslims.
More than 80,000 Muslim women were abducted and missing. Prominent Muslims were also affected by the anti-Muslim riots in Delhi, the capital of India. Maulana Abul Kalam was an important leader of the Independent Congress. The Muslims turned to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad for protection.
Maulana appealed to Nehru for the protection of Muslims. But Nehru did nothing. When Maulana Abul Kalam Azad increased the pressure on Nehru to do something, Nehru offered an excuse that I was asking Interior Minister Sardar Patel to stop the anti-Muslim riots but he would not listen to me.

It should be noted that Sardar Patel, despite being the Home Minister, was not obeying Prime Minister Nehru. The fact was that even Nehru himself did not want to stop the anti-Muslim riots. For him, the establishment of Pakistan was a war. And every Hindu was playing his part in this war.
The Hindu leadership was convinced of “one national ideology” and in its eyes the proponents of two national ideologies were traitors. In this context, all those who migrated from India to Pakistan were also “traitors”. But the problem is that the Muslims who did not adhere to the two-nation ideology, who preferred to stay in India instead of migrating to Pakistan, were not “traitors”. He was “loyal” to India. So it was the duty of the Hindu leadership in India to respect the Muslims who remained in India. Recognize them as equal citizens and give them opportunities to advance in all walks of life. But unfortunately, this did not happen.

India’s narrow-minded Hindu leadership has also made the Muslims in India “traitors”. In 74 years, the Hindu leadership has caused more than 5,000 small and large anti-Muslim riots in India. Hindu leadership destroys the Indian Muslim economy
Before independence, the representation of Muslims in the police was 12–14% which has now been reduced to between 1% and 2%. Before independence, Muslims were 8 to 10 per cent in the railways, today they are less than 1 per cent. The Muslim population in India is 20% of the total population but the presence of Muslims in the elected houses of India is less than 1%.

We have seen BA and MA Muslim youth unemployed in India. I have seen them running betel nut and retail shops. This situation is like a war imposed on the Muslims of India. Urdu has neither come from Arabia nor from Iran. He was born in India and has Arabic and Persian as well as Hindi blood running in his veins. But India’s Hindu leadership has declared war on Urdu. India’s Hindu leadership has made Urdu the language of Muslims. Muslims ruled India for a thousand years but never damaged Hindu places of worship. But the Hindu leadership of India martyred the Babri Masjid in broad daylight.
However, there is no historical evidence that there was ever a temple where the Babri Masjid was built. The important thing is that the Hindu leadership of India is not ashamed of the martyrdom of Babri Masjid but it is proud of it. The militancy of the Indian leadership can be gauged from the fact that the Supreme Court of India made a “political decision” regarding the Babri Masjid. The Supreme Court of India has openly sided with the Hindus at the Babri Masjid.
The people of Pakistan consider films as “entertainment material” but the Hindu leadership of India has also made its films a weapon of war.

Fourteen or fifteen years ago, Sonia Gandhi, the wife of former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi, had said that we do not need to attack Pakistan because we have already conquered Pakistan through our films. Unfortunately, Sonia Gandhi knew that Indian films were popular in Pakistan, but she did not know the “secret” of their popularity. The secret behind the popularity of these films is that the films that India calls “Hindi feature films” are in fact “Urdu feature films”. 99% of the songs in these films are in Urdu. If India uses pure Hindi language and pure Hindi songs in its films then we will also see how those films are popular in Pakistan.
It is also on the record of history that India has made more than one and a half dozen films against Pakistan in the last 30 years and it has proved that for it the film is also part of the war against Pakistan and Muslims.
People consider the curriculum to be a “scientific thing” but India’s narrow-minded Hindu leadership has also turned its school curriculum into a weapon of war.

At present, a curriculum is being taught in many states of India in which the concept of a united India has been introduced and not only Pakistan and Bangladesh but all the countries of the region have been shown to be part of a united India. In this context, it is not surprising that India has turned cricket into a war. After losing to Pakistan, the Indian team could not sleep all night. The intensity of the shock shows that India has not lost the match, it has lost the war.



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